Stages of
Product Development

1. Ideas & Marketing

This is the moment when you have to know to which market niche you will focus your products: sport clubs, shops, online sales, supermarkets, etc.

You have to know what will be the users: professional athletes, beginners or non sport users. It is important to prepare all the important bits and parts at the very beginning so the final product to be develop to the focus group and with the properties of million sales.

2. Ingredients & Taste

Important and time taking process. Having the best possible ingredients will give a heart of your product.

Sometimes it has to be with very few ingredients, but sometimes at has to have a bit from everything to complete the consumer needs. TASTE is the crucial moment of every product.

It has to be “not too sweet, but just right and very smooth texture”. At this stage you have to take enough time to prepare the following.

3 . Samples & Try-outs

This is our part of the process when we will develop the product according to your request of ingredients and taste.

We will send them to you to try and share the samples with colleagues before we move to the next stage.

Sometimes we have to produce few lots so to adjust sweetness, sourness, liquidity or other properties of the product/s.

4. Package & Displays

Here is important to focus on the size of the product or its volume as a drink.

How many units will be in display box and how many display boxes will fit in cartoon/pallet. All this save money later on marketing or transport.

Shelves in the stores are limited so the display size must be in serious consideration. Specifc shape of the display but or product will cost extra money, but will bring attention of the consumers.

5. Design & Printing

The first contact that the client has with the product must be eye-catching. This is the first and most important element of the product.

You can send your designs or we can help you create your logo, package or complete series of products. We can brand your cartoons with display boxes or print them according to your needs.

We will support you during every stage of development.

6 . Production Time

Once we have everything set and ready for product we will give you schedule for the time of production of your order.

We can also plan the dispatch with our forwarding agents to your warehouse and help you plan your upcoming orders.

Small batches of production normally takes 2-3 weeks time from order to dispatch – in case that all packages, display boxes, cartoons are ready and the order is prepaid.